William Onyeabor - Good Name

The doc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiaRp0M2fxE

Karol Conka - Boa Noite

Cheater Slicks - Run Away From You

Sun Kil Moon - Carissa

Negativland - Aluminum or Glass: The Memo

Kind of silly, but good.

Would a man living in Los Angeles understand what a seagull is? Would he know about the ants living there in the grass? Would the ants in the grass understand what the man’s Volvo is? Do they know you can buy Pepsi in aluminum or glass?

Granicus - You’re in America

Toe Fat - Stick Heat

Robert Glaser Experiment - Letter to Hermione

Dennis Harte - Summer’s Over

Wrong time of year for this, but damn.

Timber Timbre - Hot Dreams

New album out April 1!